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Seeing you in my dreams

15 Jan

Every once in a long, long, time, I will have a dream with my son, Evan, in it.  These dreams are so special, because they are the only time I am “seeing” him.  Sometimes he is just a little boy, romping around with his brother.  Then, other times, and these are very precious, he is the wonderful 20 year old young man I lost.  In these dreams, he is happy, healthy, with a big smile on his face, just the way I want to remember him.  But dreams are so fleeting.  I woke up this morning, realizing I had one of those dreams last night, and I was so happy and couldn’t wait to tell my husband.  But, I must have dozed off, and when I woke back up, the dream was gone.  I can’t remember the story, just that I had the dream.  I am so disappointed, to have missed this “seeing” opportunity.  These dreams give me a sense of peace.

Whatever way there is a loss of a child — disease, accident, senseless shootings — the loss is unbearable.  What parents like us wouldn’t do to go back in time and prevent it from happening.  Sometimes we can’t prevent it.  But, with vaccine-preventable diseases, we have a great “shot” at preventing these tragedies.  I would give anything to hug my son in person, and not just in my dreams.

Krystle’s Story: On the Run

3 Jan

In the course of my history with bacterial meningitis, I have met so many wonderful survivors.  These people have not only beaten this horrible disease, although many paid a severe price with serious side effects, but they have used their experience to educate others.

Here is Krystle’s story about being On the Run.

Let’s all be On the Run to stop this disease!