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The side of science and sense has won this time

20 Mar

Over the last few weeks, the Tennessee State legislature has had a meningitis vaccination bill working its way through the Senate and House.  This bill will help protect all of the children in the state from this potentially vaccine-preventable disease.  The bill made it through the Senate with no problems!

This morning I was told an anti-vaccine group was rallying its forces to stop the bill in the House committee.  A series of mis-truths were disseminated.  I immediately called all of the representatives on the House committee and urged my support for the passage of the bill.  Not only were my children born in Tennessee, but I have many family members still living in the state.  Even if my sons were born halfway around the world, I would still have called.  I want all children protected.  I also took the opportunity to point out the mis-information in the anti-vaccine literature.

The reception I received was very positive, and the bill made it out of committee.  I am so happy that science and sense has won this round.