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Reflective thoughts

10 Apr

As the National Meningitis Association is preparing for its annual fundraising gala, I have been reflecting on the many people I have met and the many stories I have heard since my son died.  I share tears for those who have lost loved ones, and I share in the joy of those who have survived unscatched, and marvel at the strength of those who have survived but with long lasting side effects.  This disease shows no mercy, and its effect can be felt years later.  Many of you saw my post earlier this week on Facebook, about a fine young man, who was stricken with meningitis as a freshman in college.  Now, over 10 years later, he just underwent a kidney transplant, due to the damage done to his kidneys so many years ago.  He is so fortunate to have found a match from his mom.  But think of all his family has gone through — from days and weeks of worrying whether their son would survive, through months of recovery and rehab, and thinking the end to this nightmare was in sight, but it wasn’t.  Just magnify this by all of the cases over the years.  How much can this disease keep taking.  How loud do we have to scream to tell people to get vaccinated.