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I believe that children are our future, ……

27 May

On Thursday I had the fun and privilege of watching my 5 year old granddaughter at her pre-K graduation, hopefully just one of many milestones to come.  Her smile and excitement was priceless!

A beautiful slide show of the class, from toddlers to pre-K graduates, made me again realize how fast that time flies.  It seems like yesterday that she was born, and now I can have regular conversations with her.  I will turn around, and she will be graduating high school.

I am thankful every day for the good health of my grandchildren, and part of the reason that they are healthy, is that they have been vaccinated on time in accordance with CDC recommendations.  I had to wonder, how many of the kids up there, weren’t vaccinated on time, or maybe weren’t vaccinated at all?

I thought of the son I had lost, and how precious the memories I have of him are.  Those memories will have to last me a lifetime, because there won’t be any new ones.

Don’t take your child’s good health for granted.  Keep them healthy, savor each day with them, because those days are truly a gift.


To Delay, Is Not the Way

17 May

There is always talk of new parents wanting to delay immunization schedules for their babies.  I cringe when I hear that, when I have a friend tell me her daughter has decided to space out her new baby’s immunizations.  This is not the way to protect your infant.  The outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases is increasing, and it’s because of delayed vacccinations and those who are afraid to vaccinate, that this is happening.  You brought your child into this world with love and hope for a happy, healthy life.  Do you part by vaccinating on schedule.

Alternate Vaccine Schedules Are Not Safer and Should Be Obsolete

adults need vaccinations also!

15 May

I was lucky to attend the National Adult Immunization Summit today in Atlanta, and learned so much on how to raise awareness about vaccines that are needed for adults.  So for Parents for Protect, they need to protect themselves also.  Make sure you are up date on flu, shingles, meningitis, pneumonia, etc. vaccines.  Check with your healthcare provider.  If you are going to be around an infant, make sure you’ve had the pertussis booster — very important for parents, grandparents, friends, exxtended family — anyone who will be around the baby.

Vaccinations are everyone’s responsibility!

So well explained: Vaccine Refusal and the Politics of School Vaccination Exemptions

1 May

There are many organizations like NMA, whose mission is to keep our kids healthy.

Christine Vara wrote an excellent blog for Shot of Prevention, that I’d like to share:

Across the U.S., individual state policies determine which immunizations a child needs in order to be permitted to attend school.  And each state also has different ways in which parents can obtain exemptions from these requirements.  However, as vaccine exemption rates climb, so do outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases which are threatening the health of our children.  Some states are trying to respond by making an effort to legislate their way toward better public health.   However, both vaccine supporters and critics maintain different interpretations of “informed consent“.

On the one hand, public health departments are supporting legislation in states such as West Virginia, Oregon, and Vermont that seek to add requirements to an all-too-easy exemption process.  Prior to opting out of vaccines for their children, they want parents to be adequately informed of the risks of these decisions.  From the public health standpoint, if a parent wants to opt-out of vaccinating their child, the process shouldn’t be any easier than what parents are expected to do to adhere to the vaccine requirement.  Therefore, by requiring parents to discuss vaccines with a health care provider, to learn about the risks of not vaccinating, new state legislation is seeking to provide better parental education and information.  It would only be expected that this would be welcomed by those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines. ….

To see the rest of this blog, please open this link.  We all need to work together to protect our children.