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Never forget how precious this life is.

5 Jan

kasey's_picture_of_kimIt’s not always the parents, children, and siblings who grieve when someone is lost.  Sometimes friends, in-laws, and others share in the grief.  My daughter-in-law did not even know my son who died, but she grieves his loss, nevertheless.  The poignant words below were written by Kimberly Coffey’s sister-in-law.  Her words resonated with me, and I hope they do with you as well.

This weekend would be the 19th birthday on Earth of my beautiful sister-in-law Kimberly Coffey.

I would like to use this post to talk about how precious and amazing our lives are. We are here on Earth for a blip, the blink of an eye; let’s always make sure we use that time to LIVE, REALLY LIVE. I know, I know it is easy to sit at your computer screen and read this post and say I will! But, really, get out there. Incredible sunrises, beautiful sunsets and full bright, beautiful days await you; every day is a new chance to do whatever you want to do. No matter your circumstances, no matter where you live do what you can to make every day count. Smile at strangers, laugh at jokes, don’t let the negativity get to you. Be the brightest light in the room. Shine, shine, shine. Be kind and love unconditionally. Give second chances Do what you can to show your family you ADORE them. Paradise may await us after this life, but we have a pretty little bit of paradise here on Earth, don’t we? Celebrate your chance to breathe this air, celebrate every second you have with the people, animals and the land you love. Know that every day is a new beginning. Get outside every day and thank whatever or whoever put us here. You are incredible. You can change the world, your world, a little bit. Get out there and do it. I have faith in you.

Kim’s life on Earth was bright beyond belief. She brightened the lives of people around her every single day. When her life here was cut short by a rare (no vaccine is available yet) strain of Meningitis, our world was devastated, shaken to the core. I had the incredible chance of knowing her for a small bit of time and I cherish every memory I have of her. She was hysterically funny, incredibly smart and a shining beacon of love and life; so much life in such a young girl. I try to live like her every day. She was confident, beautiful and kind.

Even though Kim was vaccinated against Meningitis, there exists no vaccine for the B-strain which she caught on an off-chance. However, the other strains of Meningitis are a REAL threat and there is a vaccine for these strains. Meningitis attacks and kills bright lights like Kim every single day. Meningitis can kill in under 24 hours with no symptoms more than those of influenza. The importance of this vaccine is undeniable. You can save your life, and the lives of others (if you’re a carrier, others can contract it from you). Honor my gorgeous sister-in-law’s life (and birthday) and get vaccinated.

Get involved with the National Meningitis Association however you can and donate whatever you have (even a dollar will do) to help them get the word out about the dangers involved with meningococcal disease. Thank you in advance, please spread the word. Honor Kim and her incredible life.

We love you Kim, Happy Birthday!